Single treatment

One area    £180

Two areas add  £80

Superficial chemical peel is included in the treatment

Course of 8 treatments is recommended £1350
+ Free Collagen360 Elixir Serum

Add Crystal Fiber Mask    £20
One trial procedure         £120


1 treatment 45 min.               £150

Course of 8 treatments         £1100
+ FREE Collagen 360 Intensive cream (save £150)
One trial procedure £100

Skin Peels
Skin Peels    (45 min.)

Anti-aging, purify and oxygenate the skin, improve texture, luminosity, depigmentation, acne scars.





Modified Jesner

Single treatment one area  £75

Two areas                   add £35

Course of 6 treatments    £390


Face                          £60

Face & neck              £70

Face, neck & chest   £90

Add Post Peel Crystal fiber mask £20

Collagen360 Facial 60 min          £90

Deep Cleansing Facial 60 min     £75

Anti-Aging Flash Facial 45 min     £60

KOBIDO facial massage 60 min   £65

Pigmentation and acne treatments

COSMELAN                  £850

FREE consultation included

Spray Tan
Vita Liberata Organic Tan

Full body                        £25
Half body                       £20
Anti-Aging spray tan      £30

St. Tropez

Express Spray tan (develops 1-3 hours) £25
Luxe Oil mist   £25

Facial waxing with hot wax

Lip                                                 £8
Chin                                              £8
Sides of the face                          £10
Lip&chin                                       £12
Eyebrows (waxing + shaping)     £15

Permanent Make-up

Eyebrows from                                    £400

Eyebrow Enhancement                       £370
 *(At least 70% of brow hair has to be present)

Eyeliner Top                                        £250

Eyeliner Top & Bottom                         £300

Thick eyeliner Top                              £300

Thick eyeliner top & bottom                £350

Lash line enhancer, top & bottom        £250

Lip Blush                                              £450

Lips Full Colour                                    £500

Colour Refreshing after the finished treatment:

within 12 months                             £200
within 18 months                             £250
after 18 months price on application.

Treatment price includes 1 perfection visit within 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment.

15 minutes consultation is free.

Full consultation & skin test £50 (redeemable against the treatment within 3 months)

3D Layering Lashes®
3D Layering Natural Look    1.5 h          £90

This very advanced eyelash extension technique allows to work even with very fine and sparse lashes to achieve beautiful fullness. Extremely fine and soft lashes are “layered” on to the natural lashes, 2-3 per natural lash, different length and curls.

3D Layering Volume Look     2 h              £110

Recommended for those who are looking for significant volume without a “false lash” look. 3-5 extremely fine and soft extensions are applied on each natural eyelash. Beautiful volume yet very soft and long wearing.

3D Layering Half Set     1 h                         £65

Fewer lashes are applied and can be done to accentuate the outer corners and blended in towards the middle of the eye, or applied along the whole lash line for very subtle look. Suitable for dark or tinted lashes.

3D NATURAL LOOK IN-FILLS      (2-3 weeks)           £55
3D VOLUME LOOK IN-FILLS       (2-3 weeks)           £65
VELVETTE ME LASHES®     2.5 h                       £130

The ultimate fullness and length without damage to natural lashes. Perfect for the events and for brides. Photo perfect eyes.

Lash & Brow Treatments
HD Brows

HD Brows                                                   £35

Eyebrow Shape                                          £15

Eyebrow Tint                                               £12

Eyelash Tint                                                £15

Eyebrow&Eyelash tint + Eyebrow shape   £35

Six week Lash Curl                                     £50

Manicure and Pedicure

Shellac with full Manicure                £40

Shellac with full Pedicure                £50

Shellac Manicure & Pedicure          £80

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