global eyecon


The delicate anatomical features of the eye area combined with internal and external factors such as fluid retention, genetics, continuous gesticulation and skin flaccidity, makes the eye contour an area that shows the long term effects of these factors.

mesoestetic Pharma Group have invested a lot of research and development into producing a comprehensive treatment to combat these aggressions and are now launching a treatment with global action combining multiple philosophies to correct wrinkles and expression lines, under-eye bags, dark circles and drooping upper eyelids. A solution created with products specifically developed for this area, with excellent skin and eye tolerance to achieve the maximum therapeutic efficacy.

The global eyecon periocular treatment protocol is a programme comprising of 6 sessions. A course of 6 treatments is recommended, including 3 Periocular Mesopeels and 3 Periocular Microneedling solutions each spaced 1 week apart.


At the end of the treatment, it is essential to use specific photoprotection that prevents and avoids pigmentation. mesoestetic Pharma Group recommends mesoprotech® sun protective repairing stick, a stick that protects sensitive areas in case of exposure to any light sources.

In any treatment by mesoestetic Pharma Group, home maintenance is an essential to strengthen and prolong the results obtained in-clinic.

Mesoestetic Global Eyecon