The world leading whitening treatment. Efficient depigmentation treatment against skin blemishes caused by melanin. In addition to removing acquired skin spots of melanic origin, it evens skin tone and increases skin brightness.

The COSMELAN method acts within cells responsible for skin pigmentation, decreasing colour production in areas where excess production is apparent to achieve the disappearance of minimising unattractive blemishes caused by excess melanin in the skin.


  • Induces a quick de-pigmentation action
  • Highly effective for all kinds of skin blemishes (melasma, chloasma, senile blemishes, pregnancy blemishes, sunspots, blemishes die to oral contraceptives)
  • The COSMELAN  method can be initiated at any time of year, provided the moisturising sun protection is used on a daily basis
  • The COSMELAN method is compatible with any skin phototype

Cosmelan method is a 4 step treatment and home care after the treatment in the clinic is paramount.

  • Phase 1: Intensive Depigmentation Treatment in the clinic when Cosmelan 1 is applied by a qualified therapist.
  • Phase 2: Continuous Depigmentation 1st Month. After 48 hours of the Cosmelan 1 mask removal, daily depigmentation with aftercare products to ensure the corrective action of the method and to control melanin production inside cells.
  • Phase 3: Pigmentation Regulation 2nd to 3rd Month. At this point home care products are used to treat the root cause, controlling melanin production.
  • Phase 4: Reappearance control 4th to 7th Month. During this control phase, the treatment prevents the reappearance of treated dark spots and the formation of new ones, for longer-lasting success.

Once the treatment is complete, we strongly recommend continuous use of sun protection as a permanent cosmetic treatment.


Procedure Time:

45min in clinic (treatment is completed in 6-7 months)


Visible after 4-5 weeks

Recovery Time:

1-2 weeks

Recom. Nº of Treatments:




Duration Of Results:

Long term