MESOTHERAPY. Anti-aging Treatment

The passing of time and extrinsic factors, such as sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress, entail a number deficiencies of fundamental substances in the skin.

Anti-aging Mesotherapy is a medical technique that consists of the introduction of active substances by means several highly superficial micro-injections for the purpose of alleviating deficiencies in the skin.

Mesotherpy can be used alongside other treatments or as an alternative to them. Whilst it is an excellent anti-ageing therapy in its own right it is also a fine compliment to skin-peels, Botulinum Toxin and dermal fillers.

Mesotherapy with Mesohyal improves the appearance of the skin on an immediate, cumulative and long-lasting way:

  • moisturising, nourishing, antioxidant action
  • treatment of wrinkles
  • increased brightness
  • redensifying effect
  • immediate and very natural lifting effect

The treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes, and the patient can immediately resume their daily living activities. Although the therapeutic protocol will depend on the patient’s age and skin type, 8 sessions applied weekly are generally necessary at the beginning and, thereafter, every fortnight.

MESOTHERAPY injector. Anti-aging Treatment

Though the repairing and anti-ageing action of Mesohyal is immediate and long-lasting, it does not stop the effects of aging, so regular maintenance treatments should be applied every 4/6 months, preserve the skin’s healthy appearance.

Why Meso-gun therapy?

Currently we are the only clinic in North London to be able offer MCT Meso Injector for Mesotherapy.

Treatment with the MCT Injector takes Mesotherapy to a higher level of precision and effectiveness with less pain and bruising for the patient. This is possible due to the following technological features:

  • MCT Injector automatically adjusts the depth and the speed of the needle in order to perform steady and precise movements, making the procedure virtually painless.
  • During injection, only the needle moves backwards and forwards, thus providing delicacy and avoiding pressure which causes pain.
  • Due to the extremely high frequency of injections (500 micro injections per minute or 8-9 per second), the fibroblasts in the skin is additionally stimulated resulting in collagen synthesis.
  • The amount of injected material is considerably higher and distributed more precisely and evenly. Using the MCT Injector reduces needle vibration. This translates into less pain and less bruising and allows treatment of more sensitive areas such as the eyes, lips, face and scalp.


Procedure Time:



Visible after 2-3 weeks

Recovery Time:

2-24 hours

Recom. Nº of Treatments:




Duration Of Results:

Long term