Berodin® Blue Hard Wax is a premier product and the favourite of the hard waxes. It sets up quickly while remaining flexible. This gives the professional freedom to apply wax to many areas without fear of the product becoming brittle or breaking. Berodin® Blue Hard Wax is applied thicker than soft wax and removed without strips. Unlike soft wax, hard wax does not stick to the skin, which makes it less irritating. It is used for the face, underarms and bikini.

Berodin AQUAMRINE clear wax is applied thin and removed with strips. It is used for soft wax is arms, legs, back and chest. This wax is hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, clear wax for all skin types. Heated at low temperature, this microcrystalline wax is gentler than other clear waxes. Designed with speed waxing in mind it is applied very thin, allowing therapist to cover large areas without any worry that the wax will dry too quickly. Effective on fine and short hair with a single application, leaving the skin smooth and silky.

Waxing Treatment